This Wiki, the Bakugan Wiki, is still in its early development stages. It is recommended that you create an account here so that you may contact any of the staff, through their talk pages, before entering a project. There are lots of things needed to do to create a functioning wiki, and everyone's help is appreciated.


Bakupod is a project aiming to write detailed articles on all Bakugan. These articles should include the following.

  • In which series the Bakugan was released for gameplay
  • A list of all Ability Cards and Gate Cards (with the exception of Character Cards), in the amine and in gameplay, which benefit the Bakugan
  • A list of appearances the Bakugan made in the amine
  • Pictures of that Bakugan


Photographs of the Bakugan are accepted. However, please make sure that your hand is not in the picture and that the background is as plain as possible. Do not use any pictures of Pearl Bakugan, Clear Bakugan, Dual-Attribute Bakugan, Dekka Bakugan, or Reverse Color Bakugan.

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