An Attribute is a feature of most Bakugan and is one of the most important factors of the Bakugan Gameplay. Ability Cards and Gate Cards often refer to different Attributes for G-Power boosts or other effects. Sometimes cards target a wide range of Attributes.


There are six Attributes:

In the Amine, the six Attributes create a hexagon (with the Attributes as the corners, with Pyrus on top, then going clockwise in the order of the list). Ability cards are often used when a brawler has two Bakugan of related Attributes on the field. They could be next to or across from each other in the hexagon.

A more powerful version of this is formed when a brawler controls three Bakugan of triple-relation Attributes, a triangle of power. The three Attributes used must be either Darkus, Ventus, and Subterra, or Pyrus, Haos, and Aquos. It is notable that no two Attributes from the same triangle can be used in the previously described method (across from or diagonal to).


Main Article: Hybrid Bakugan

Dual-Attributed Bakugan have two Attributes, and are also called "Hybrid Bakugan."


There are only six Hybrid Bakugan in the Bakugan Battle Brawlers series. They were created by negative energy when worlds started to collide within Vestroia. Pyrus clashed with Darkus, Subterra clashed with Haos, and Aquos clashed with Ventus. In the process, six evil Bakugan were made.

Revita and Tricloid were Subterra and Haos Bakugan. These two sisters were the only two out of the six Hybrids that were not purely evil, but mislead by Naga and affected by negative energy.